03 June, 2010

Buthus news from Jordan and Israel

Wilson Lourenco, Ersen Yagmur and Bernard Duhem have described a new Buthus species (Buthidae) from Jordan:

Buthus amri Lourenco, Yagmur & Duhem, 2010

In the same paper, Buthus israelis (Shulov & Amitai, 1959) is raised to species status (previous subspecies status as Buthus occitanus israelis (Shulov & Amitai, 1959)).

Since the revision of the genus Buthus Leach about a decade ago, several new species have been recorded from North Africa. Only one new species, however, has been described from the Middle East. Another new species, collected in Jordan, is described here. It was collected in the region of Aqaba, in the Wadi Rum Desert. It is associated with Buthus occitanus mardochei var. israelis Shulov & Amitai, 1959, which is raised here to species level based on morphological and geographic grounds. The new species, Buthus amri, is distinguished by its smaller overall size, a smaller number of pectinal teeth, only 9-10 rows of granules on the chela fingers, and a very strong setation on pedipalps, metasomal segments and telson.

Lourenco WR, Yagmur EA, Duhem B. A new species of Buthus Leach, 1815 from Jordan. Zoology in the Middle East. 2010;49:95-9.

Family Buthidae

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