07 June, 2010

A new species of Vaejovis

Carlos Santibanez-Lopez & David Sissom have described a new species of Vaejovis (Vaejovidae) from Mexico:

Vaejovis oaxaca Santibanez-Lopez & Sissom, 2010

Species of the Vaejovis eusthenura group were transferred to the new genus Hoffmannius by Soleglad & Fet, 2008, but Santibanez-Lopez & Sissom have chosen to retain the previous state of Vaejovis. I therefore list this species in Vaejovis, but according to the taxonomy of Soleglad & Fet, 2008 it should be listed as Hoffmannius. I must add that I do not know who is right when it comes to the complex taxonomy of Vaejovidae and for the time being we have to live with different systems in scorpion classification and taxonomy. Hopefully, this will be resolved in the future.

Vaejovis oaxaca, a new species of the Vaejovis eusthenura group is described from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is found in lowlands ranging from the Mitla area in central Oaxaca southeast into the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the eastern edge of Chiapas.

Santibanez-Lopez C, Sissom D. A new species of the Vaejovis eustenura group in Oaxaca, Mexico (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae). Zootaxa. 2010 (2493):49-58. [Subscription required for fulltext]

Thanks to Carlos Santibáñez López for sending me this paper!

Family Vaejovidae

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