27 July, 2009

A revision of the Diplocentrinae of Jamaica

Rolando Teruel has recently done a review of the Diplocentrinae (subfamily of Scorpionidae - Note that some authors have kept the family status, Diplocentridae for this taxa) found in Jamaica. This is the first comprehensive investigation in 30 years and is based on newly obtained materials.

The subfamily is represented in Jamaica only by the genus Heteronebo and species Heteronebo elegans Francke, 1978 and Heteronebo scaber (Pocock, 1893).

Heteronebo scaber (Pocock, 1893) is a new combination. Previous name is Cazierius scaber (Pocock, 1893). In addition, the following taxa are considered as junior synonyms of H. scaber:

Heteronebo franckei Stockwell, 1985
Heteronebo jamaicae jamaicae Francke, 1978
Heteronebo jamaicae occidentalis Francke, 1978
Heteronebo jamaicae portlandensis Francke, 1978

The paper presents new diagnosis for H. elegans and H. scaber and their distribution is updated with new reccords.

Teruel R. Los escorpiones Diplocentrinos de Jamaica (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae: Diplocentronae). Boletin Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa. 2009; (44):103-10.

Family Scorpionidae

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