28 July, 2009

A couple of Pandinus updates

Update 1:

Even though I try my best to keep the Scorpion Files' species list updated, I discover changes that I've missed in the past. Tonight, I discovered that Pandinus militaris Pocock, 1900 was synonymised with Pandinus cavimanus (Pocock, 1888) back in 2002. The Scorpion Files is updated accordingly.

2941 specimens of scorpions deposited in the collection are determined and revised. The collection contains 229 species, 62 genera, and 14 families and includes types of 26 species and subspecies, of which 13 are valid. Heterometrus petersi luzonensis Couzijn, 1981 is synonymized with Heterometrus (Javanimetrus) cyaneus (C. L. Koch, 1836). Revision of specimens identified by Roewer makes doubtful the occurrences of Parabuthus capensis (Ehrenberg, 1831) in Namibia, Parabuthus granulatus (Ehrenberg, 1831) in Kenya, Tityus androcottoides (Karsch, 1879) in Venezuela, Tityus carinatoides Mello-Leităo, 1945 in Brazil, Tityus lutzi Giltay, 1928 in Argentina, Tityus magnimanus Pocock, 1897 in Venezuela, Opisthacanthus asper (Peters, 1862) in Tanzania, Heterometrus liurus (Pocock, 1897) in Sri Lanka, and Pandinus militaris Pocock, 1900 in Sudan. Comparison of types leads to the conclusion that Pandinus militaris Pocock, 1900 is a junior synonym of Pandinus cavimanus (Pocock, 1888).

Kovarik F. A checklist of scorpions (Arachnida) in the collection of the Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum Senckenberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Serket. 2002 April;8 (1):1-23.

Update 2:

In 2003, Kovarik synonymized Pandinus gregoryi Pocock, 1896 with Pandinus exitialis (Pocock, 1888). In his recent book (Illustrated catalog of scorpions. Part I), Kovarik has restored Pandinus gregoryi Pocock, 1896 back to species status after investigating new materials. The Scorpion Files is updated accordingly.

Kovarik F. Illustrated catalog of scorpions. Part I. Introductory remarks; keys to families and genera; subfamily Scorpioninae with illustrated keys to Heterometrus and Pandinus species. Prague: Clarion Production; 2009.

Family Scorpionidae

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