02 July, 2009

Eight new species described from Puerto Rico

Jorge Santiago-Blay has recently published an investigation of the scorpion fauna of Puerto Rico. Eight new species from two families are described:

Cazierius tatae (Diplocentrinae, Scorpionidae)

Centruroides jorgeorum (Buthidae)
Centruroides mariaorum (Buthidae)
Centruroides sasae (Buthidae)

Rhopalurus virkkii (Buthidae)

Tityus angelesae (Buthidae)
Tityus estherae (Buthidae)
Tityus juliorum (Buthidae)

The paper has a key to all species known from Puerto Rico.

Eight new species of scorpions are briefly described for the Greater Puerto Rico Region. The new species are: Cazierius tatae (Diplocentrinae), Centruroides jorgeorum, C. mariaorum, C. sasae, Rhopalurus virkkii, Tityus angelesae, T. estherae, and T. juliorum (Buthidae). A key to the identification of the Greater Puerto Rico Region scorpiofauna and biological remarks are provided.

Santiago-Blay JA. Systematics and some aspects of the biology of the scorpions (Arachnida) of the greater Puerto Rico region: A biosystematic synopsis. Entomological News. 2009 Jan-Feb;120 (1):109-24.

Family Buthidae
Family Scorpionidae

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Anonymous said...

I was on St. John U.S virgin Island at maho bay camp ground a few years ago and had a strange thing happen to me. I was sitting at my tent drinking a beer and a small fly was either hovering or kept landing on me. I noticed a small white speck on the side of the fly.Since it kept bothering me, I smacked it and killed it.I picked up to check it out and with it in my fingers the speck climbed off the fly and on to my finger.I looked at it closely and it was a small scorpion. The fly appeared to look like a small house or beach fly and was aprox. 1/4" and the scorpion was very small about the size of a pin head. I have always wondered if anyone knows of scorpions hitching a ride on flies .Is this a common way for baby scorpions to move away from the nest? I would love to know. Thanks. Blake.