10 January, 2020

A redescription of Euscorpiops sejnai from Vietnam

Thi-Hang Tran and co-workers have recently published a redescription of Euscorpiops sejnai (Kovařík, 2000) (Euscorpiidae) from Vietnam.

Euscorpiops sejnai (Kovařík, 2000), a species belonging to the family Scorpiopidae Kraepelin, 1905, is redescribed based on two topotype specimens, one male and one female, collected in the type locality, the Bach Ma National Park in Vietnam. This contribution is part of a global inventory survey of the Vietnamese scorpion fauna conducted by the first author (T. H.T), in connection with the preparation of a doctoral thesis.

Tran T-H, Hoang T-N, Pham D-S, Lourenco WR. A short contribution to the knowledge of Euscorpiops sejnai (Kovařík, 2000), described from Vietnam (Scorpiones: Scorpiopidae). Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2019(35):29-32.

Thanks to Frantisek Kovarik for informing me about this article!

Family Euscorpiidae

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