03 January, 2020

A new species of Ananteris from Central Brazil

Wilson Lourenco and Paulo Motta have recently published an article describing a new species of Ananteris Thorell, 1891 (Buthidae) from Central Brazil.

Ananteris carrasco Lourenco & Motta, 2019

A new species of the genus Ananteris Thorell is described from the Cocos region, in the State of Bahia, in Brazil, based on two adult specimens, one male and one female. Ananteris carrasco sp. n. is the second species to be described from the Cocos region, constituting a new case of sympatry among species of the genus Ananteris: Ananteris carrasco sp. n. is sympatric with Ananteris evellynae Lourenço, 2004.

Lourenco WR, Motta PC. The genus Ananteris Thorell, 1891 (scorpiones: Buthidae) in central Brazil, with description of one new species. Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2019(35):9-13.

Thanks to Frantisek Kovarik for informing me about this paper!

Family Buthidae

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