10 September, 2019

New pictures in The Scorpion Files gallery

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to take many scorpion pictures myself, but fortunately I regularly get sent pictures from scorpion enthusiasts to be used in The Scorpion Files Gallery. Recently, I have added more than 40 high quality pictures that have been donated to The Scorpion Files by Japanese scorpion enthusiast Kawai Kazusa. You can find the pictures by searching for his name in the gallery. A big thanks to Kawai for sharing his pictures with us!

Please note that the species identifications in The Scorpion Files Gallery may not be correct for all pictures. Picture identification is very difficult, and sometimes a 100% identification is not possible. The taxonomy of all taxa in the gallery may also not be updated. This is a work in progress, but given less priority than the species files.

Jan Ove Rein

The scorpion Files Gallery

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