06 September, 2019

An updated edition of Conspectus Genericus Scorpionorum

Oscar Francke has published a new edition of Conspectus Genericus Scorpionorum, which is a list of all genus and subgenus names introduced for all recent and fossil scorpions from 1758–2018. This work is based on previous edition made by Francke (1985) and Dupré (2007).

I refer to the abstract and the paper for further details! NB! Please note that The Scorpion Files' list of valid genera has not yet been compared to the Conspectus Genericus Scorpionorum and updated. This will take some time and will be done in the weeks to come.

Genus and subgenus names introduced for all Recent and fossil scorpions from 1758–2018, are listed. The treatment follows the Conspectus of Francke (1985) and Dupré (2007) with considerable additional information accumulated during intensive scorpiological research of 2006–2018. The list also includes all available generic and subgeneric synonyms, incorrect spellings and unavailable emendations. For Recent taxa the new totals are 19 families compared to only nine in the first Conspectus, 220 genera with an increase of almost 100 from the first version, and 23 subgenera; for fossil taxa there are 43 families and 80 genera, 12 of which are incertae sedis. The type species of all accepted genus-group names are given.

Francke OF. Conspectus Genericus Scorpionorum 1758–1985 (Arachnida: Scorpiones) updated through 2018. Zootaxa. 2019;4657(1):1-56. [Subscription required for full text]

Thanks to Oscar for sending me his article!

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