06 June, 2017

A new species of Opisthacanthus from Suriname and Brazil

Wilson Lourenco has recently described a new species of Opisthacanthus Petters, 1861 (Hormuridae) from the border areas between Suriname and Brazil.

Opisthacanthus surinamensis Lourenco, 2017

The biogeography of the species of Opisthacanthus in the area is discussed.

A re-analysis of the geographical distribution of neotropical species of the genus Opisthacanthus Peters (Scorpiones: Hormuridae) is proposed. A new species, Opisthacanthus surinamensis sp. n., is described from the Region of the Serra do Tumucumaque in the border between Suriname and Brazil (Sipaliwini Savannah in Suriname). This is the first record of a species of the genus Opisthacanthus from Suriname and the third one from Brazil. The total number of species in the Neotropical region is now raised to 10, although some of the Venezuelan species may yet require confirmation. The known geographical distribution of the genus is also enlarged with a new location in the Guayana region (sensu MORI, 1991).

Lourenco WR. Description of a new species of Opisthacanthus Peters (Scorpiones: Hormuridae) from Suriname/Brazil border with some biogeographic considerations. Acta Biologica Paranaense, Curitiba. 2017;46(1-2):9-22. [Open Access]

Thanks to Michiel Cozijn for sending me this article!

Family Hormuridae

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