16 May, 2017

First Record of Centruroides alayoni from Haiti

Luis de Armas has investigated scorpion materials from Haiti and concluded that the recently described new species from Haiti, Centruroides haitiensis Lourenco, 2016 (Buthidae), is a junior synonym of Centruroides alayoni Armas, 1999. The latter was previously known from the Dominican Republic, and this is the first record from Haiti.

Centruroides haitiensis Lourenco, 2016 has not been listed in The Scorpion Files or mentioned in the blog because I have not been able to get this article in full text. The reference for this article is listed below.

Centruroides haitiensis Lourenço, 2016, from Grande Cayemite, Haiti, is regarded as a junior synonym of Centruroides alayoni Armas, 1999, previously known from southern Pedernales Province (215 km east of Grande Cayemite), Dominican Republic. Consequently, C. alayoni is herein recorded for the first time from Haiti. The list of the Haitian species of the genus Centruroides Marx, 1890 is given.

De Armas LF. First Record of Centruroides alayoni Armas, 1999 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Haiti, Greater Antilles. Euscorpius. 2017(244):1-3. [Open Access]

Lourenco WR. A new species of Centruroides Marx, 1890 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from the Island of ‘Grande Cayemite’ in Haiti. Arachnida - Rivista Aracnologica Italiana. 2016;8:16-23.

Family Buthidae

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