04 June, 2015

Redescription of the male Protoiurus kadleci

When Protoiurus kadleci (Kovarik, Fet, Soleglad & Yagmur, 2010) (Iuridae) was originally described, the authors thought that they were describing a sexual mature adult. Yagmur and co-workers have now examined more males, and concluded that the original male described was subadult. In the new article, sexually mature males and their hemispermatophores are described.

An updated identification key for the genus is also presented.

Additional material of a rare scorpion species Protoiurus kadleci (Kovařík et al., 2010) from Turkey (Antalya Province) was examined, in particular, sexually mature males. New information is presented on the morphometric differences between adult and subadult males of this species, and on the differences between P. kadleci and other species of Protoiurus. An updated diagnosis of P. kadleci is presented, as well as updated key to six species of Protoiurus, and a map showing all known localities.

Yagmur EA, Kovarik F, Fet V, Soleglad ME, Yesilyurt F. Etudes on iurids, IX. Further Analysis of a Rare Species Protoiurus kadleci (Scorpiones: Iuridae) from Turkey, Based on Adult Males. Euscorpius. 2015 (201):1-18. [Open Access]

Family Iuridae

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