05 June, 2015

A new species of Diplocentrus from Honduras

Kevin Sagastume-Espinoza and co-workers have recently published a new species of Diplocentrus Peters, 1861 (Scorpionidae) from Cayos Cochinos in north Honduras, and from a nearby island locality of Utila.

Diplocentrus insularis Sagastume-Espinoza, Longhorn & Santibanez-Lopez, 2015

 An identification key for the genus in Honduras is included.

Three species of genus Diplocentrus are found in north-northwestern Honduras. These species represent the southern east limits of Diplocentrus’ distribution. In recent years, a broad survey of arachnids in Honduras has yielded a collection of several specimens of an undescribed species from two islands in northern Honduras. This new species represents the second species of the genus inhabiting an island. The present contribution describes this new species, and compares it against its most similar relatives. A dichotomous key for the identification of the species of Diplocentrus in Honduras is also included.

Sagastume-Espinoza KO, Longhorn SJ, Santibanez-Lopez CE. A new scorpion species of genus Diplocentrus Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones: Diplocentridae) endemic to Islas de la Bahia, Honduras. C R Biol. 2015 May 27. [Subscription required for full text]

Family Scorpionidae

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