04 February, 2015

A new species of Butheoloides from Ethiopia

Frantisek Kovarik has been able to study scorpions from Ethiopia for the last years and is now planning a series of papers concerning the different genera found in this country. In the first paper, he discuss the genus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925 (Buthidae) and a new speices is described.

Butheoloides nuer Kovarik, 2015

A new species Butheoloides nuer sp. n. is described from the Gambela State in western Ethiopia. This is the second species assigned to this genus from Ethiopia. The both Ethiopian species B. nuer sp. n. and B. polisi Lourenço, 1996 are compared and fully illustrated with color photos of habitus and localities. Information is provided on the localities and habitats of both species.

Kovarik F. Scorpions of Ethiopia (Arachnida: Scorpiones). Part I. Genus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925 (Buthidae), with description of a new species. Euscorpius. 2015 (195):1-10. [Open Access]
Family Buthidae

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