06 February, 2015

A new Ananteris species from Peru

Professor Wilson Lourenco has recently published an article describing a new species of Ananteris Thorell, 1891 (Buthidae) from Peru.

Ananteris cisandinus Lourenco, 2015

New comments are proposed for the subfamily Ananterinae (sensu Pocock). The worldwide pattern of distribution of the elements associated with this subfamily, as well as aspects of their ecology, are discussed. The biogeographic patterns presented by extant and fossil elements of this subfamily confirm not only the characteristics of a group presenting a typical Gondwanian distribution, but also correspond to older Pangaean patterns. One new remarkable species is described in the genus Ananteris Thorell. This new species is also the first record of the genus for Peru.

Lourenco WR. Comments on the Ananterinae Pocock, 1900 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) and description of a new remarkable species of Ananteris from Peru. Comptes Rendus - Biologies. 2015;338:134-9. [Subscription required for full text]

Thanks to professor Lourenco for sending me his paper!

Family Buthidae

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