24 September, 2014

Updated info on the males of three species of Tityus

The description of males in population of scorpions is an important contribution, not only as regards taxonomic knowledge of the species, but also to enable understanding of its reproductive strategy. In a recent paper, Maria Dulcineia Sales dos Santos and co-workers describe the male of T. kuryi Lourenco, 1997 for the first time and report new records of T. serrulatus and T. stigmurus males, widening the known distribution of their sexual populations. The latter two species also have several populations in Brazil that are parthenogenetic.

The male of Tityus kuryi Lourenço, 1997 is described for the first time. Despite being very similar to the female, the male presents more robust metasomal segments. Additionally, the distribution of the sexual populations of another two species of the T. stigmurus complex is reported herein: T. serrulatus Lutz & Mello, 1922 and T. stigmurus (Thorell, 1877). Males of T. serrulatus were, until now, restricted to the Minas Gerais State (Southwestern region of Brazil), and with new records reported here, its known distribution now encompasses the Northeastern region of Brazil. Males of T. stigmurus were previously recorded only for two municipalities in the State of Bahia, and here we present eight new records for Bahia State and one for Pernambuco State. We present a key to related species of the T. stigmurus complex based on morphology and coloration pattern.

Dos Santos MD, Porto TJ, Lira-da-Silva RM, Brazil TK. Description of the male of Tityus kuryi Lourenco, 1997 and notes about males of Tityus stigmurus (Thorell, 1877) and Tityus serrulatus Lutz & Mello, 1922 (Scorpiones, Buthidae). Zookeys. 2014 (435):49-61. [Free full text]

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