12 September, 2014

New data on the rare species Pandinus nistriae

Andrea Rossi described a new species of Pandinus Thorell, 1876 from Djobouti, Pandinus nistriae (Scorpionidae), earlier in 2014. Rossi has now published a new article with additional information about this species.

New data are presented concerning Pandinus (Pandinurus) nistriae Rossi, 2014 from Djibouti. The male holotype is directly compared with an adult male of the geographical closely related species P. magrettii Borelli, 1901 from Eritrea. It is also supposed that P. nistriae could be present in eastern Ethiopia, basing on photografic records.

Rossi A. New data on the rare species Pandinus nistriae Rossi, 2014 (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae). Arachnides. 2014 Sept;72:3-12.

Thanks to Gerard Dupre for sending me the journal Arachnides!

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