22 January, 2014

Update on scorpion biodiversity in West Central Mexico

Mexico hosts a great scorpion diversity and Javier Ponce-Saavedra and Oscar Francke have now published a paper presenting the current knowledge of scorpion biodiversity in West Central Mexico. The paper is in Spanish and I have only been able to read the abstract.

The current state of knowledge about the biodiversity of scorpions in West Central Mexico is presented. We recorded 67 species (25.6% of  total for the country). The states of Guerrero and Michoacan have the highest richness with 24 and 23 species respectively. Twelve species of the  genus Centruroides are of medical importance because morbidity and mortality recorded by the Secretaría de Salud. Guerrero and Michoacan  have five species of medical importance, representing the greatest number within the states included in this contribution. Scorpionism in this  region is relevant due to the number of species of medical importance and the high incidence and mortality occurring yet. By grouping species  we can distinguish three zones of scorpion fauna affinity according to Jaccard Index

Ponce-Saavedra J, Francke OF. Actualización taxonómica sobre alacranes del Centro Occidente de México. Dugesiana. 2013;20(2):73-9. [Free full text]

Thanks to Oscar Francke for sending me this paper!

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