10 January, 2014

Lychas news from the Philippines

Lychas armillatus is restored from synonymy.
Wilson Lourenco has recently rediscovered the type specimen of Lychas armillatus (Gervais, 1841) (Buthidae) from the Philippines. Based on the investigation of the type he concludes that this is a valid species and it is restored from its synonymy with Lychas mucronatus (Fabricius, 1798). 

In addition, Lychas infuscatus (Pocock, 1891) from Philippines is synonymized with L. armillatus.

The type specimen of Scorpio armillatus, described by Gervais in 1841, has been considered lost, or at least mislaid, for a very long time. After several months of research in the collections ofthe Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, the female type specimen was rediscovered in the vial labelled RS-1498. A precise diagnosis of this species leadsto two new conclusions: (i) S. armillatus (= Lychas armillatus) is not a synonym of Lychas mucronatus (Fabricius, 1798), but rather a valid species; (ii) Isometrus infuscatus Pocock,  1891 (= Lychas infuscatus), also described from the Philippines, is a junior synonym of L. armillatus.

Lourenco WR. Redécouverte du type de Scorpio armillatus Gervais, 1841 = Lychas armillatus (Gervais) (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2013 (23):117-8.

Thanks to professor Lourenco for sending me his article.

Family Buthidae

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