16 September, 2013

New book: Illustrated Catalog of Scorpions, Part II. Bothriuridae; Chaerilidae; Buthidae I., genera Compsobuthus, Hottentotta, Isometrus, Lychas and Sassanidotus

The second book in the Illustrated Catalog of Scorpions series is now announced, this time authored by Frantisek Kovarik and Andres Ojanguren Affilastro. I haven't seen the book yet, but if it has the same quality as the first volume this will be an important book for all interested in scorpions.

The book is in English and contains 332 species including 143 synonyms of which 19 are new (total of 475 taxa). Described are eight new species of the family Buthidae. The volume has 400 pages in A4 format, is hard-bound, and contains 1621 color photos of specimens in their habitats, during mating and parental care, morphology of conserved specimens, and of localities. Also included are 253 black-and-white photos, 110 drawings, and 26 distribution maps. The price is 80 euros (105 USD), which includes postage.

The book can only be ordered from the homepage of Frantisek Kovarik.

A review of the book will be published when I have read it.

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