09 January, 2013

A seven-legged scorpion

David David has recently published a paper describing a leg absence anomaly in a female Scorpio maurus fuscus (Ehrenberg, 1829) (Scorpionidae) found in Israel. This is a birth defect and not an injury.

A teratological leg absence anomaly is reported and discussed in a Scorpio maurus fuscus (Scorpionidae) specimen from Israel. In this scorpion, the third right leg is completely missing, and the fourth right leg has a deformed coxa, which abuts the entire lateral edge of the sternum. The area anterior to the sternum is visibly curved to the right. This is the first leg absence anomaly reported in scorpions.

David D. A Seven-Legged Scorpion: the First Teratological Leg Absence Found in Scorpio maurus fuscus (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae). Euscorpius. 2012 (151):1-4. [Free full text]

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