02 January, 2013

A new fossil family/genus/species described from Amber from Myanmar (Burma)

Wilson Lourenco has recently described a new fossil family, genus and species from Cretaceous amber from Myanmar (Burma).

Family Palaeotrilineatidae Lourenco, 2012
Genus Palaeotrilineatus Lourenco, 2012
Species Palaeotrilineatus ellenbergeri Lourenco, 2012

A fossil scorpion belonging to a new family, Palaeotrilineatidae fam. n., and to a new genus and species, Palaeotrilineatus ellenbergeri sp. n., is described from Cretaceous amber of Myanmar (Burma). This is the fourth species and the fifth scorpion specimen to be described from Burmese amber. In the light of the previously described families, Electrochaerilinae and Chaerilobuthidae, the description of the new family Palaeotrilineatidae brings further evidence to the phylogenetic position of Burmese Cretaceous amber scorpions, lying at the base of the extant families Buthidae, Chaerilidae and Pseudochactidae.

Lourenco WR. About the scorpion fossils from the Cretaceous amber of Myanmar (Burma) with the descriptions of a new family, genus and species. Acta Biologica Paranaense, Curitiba. 2012;41(3-4):75-87.

Thanks to professor Lourenco for sending me his paper!

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