05 October, 2012

Intraguild predation in scorpions: Tityus vs. Chactas

Scorpions are generalist predators and it is agreed that one of the greatest predator of scorpions are scorpions themselves. Despite this, interspesific predation in scorpions have rarely been observed in the field (most observations being done in captivity).

Jairo Moreno-Gonzalez and Nicolas Hazzi reported this summer about a case of intraguild predation in Colombia involving a Tityus forcipula Gervais, 1843 feeding on a Chactas vanbenedeni Gervais, 1843.

The first case of intraguild predation in the neotropical region by Tityus forcipula (Gervais) (Buthidae) predating upon Chactas vanbenedeni (Gervais) (Chactidae) in Yotoco Forest Reserve, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, is recorded. A comprehensive table including known records of intraguild predation is provided. Despite similarity between the microhabitats of both species, this observation of predation might be casual.

Moreno-Gonzalez JA, Hazzi NA. Intraguild predation case: Tityus forcipula Gervais, 1843 (Scorpiones, Buthidae) feeding on Chactas vanbenedeni Gervais, 1843 (Scorpiones, Chactidae) in Colombia. Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2012;20:117-20.

Thanks to Jairo Moreno-Gonzalez for sending me his paper!

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