02 October, 2012

A new extinct species found in Baltic amber

Wilson Lourenco has published a new species of fossil scorpion based on a specimen found in baltic amber.

Palaeolychas weitschati Lourenco, 2012 (Buthidae)

A new species of Baltic fossil scorpion, Palaeolychas weitschati sp. n. is described based on a specimen found in amber from the Samland Peninsula in Baltic coast. The new species is the second one described for the genus Palaeolychas Lourenço et Weitschat, and thus belongs to the same lineage as the majority of other scorpions known from Baltic amber, which is clearly associated with the extant scorpion fauna of tropical regions in America, Asia and Africa. This new find attests, however, to a considerable degree of diversity in the Baltic amber-producing forests.

Lourenco WR. Further Considerations on Scorpions Found in Baltic Amber, with a Description of a New Species (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2012 (146):1-7. [Free full text]

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