08 March, 2012

Scorpion diversity in an area of western India

Satish Pande and co-workers have published a survey of the scorpion fauna of Saswad-Jejuri in the Pune District (Maharashtra), western India. Six species of five genera (and two families) were registered.

The paper has several habitat pictures (and information) that may be of interest for peoples keeping some Indian species in captivity.

Our paper deals with the diversity of the scorpion fauna of Saswad-Jejuri region in western India, and highlights the conservation implications of quantitative studies. Eight species of scorpions from five genera and three families are recorded in 10 microhabitats. Some of these areas are categorized as ‘wastelands’ and hence are vulnerable for land use modifications. The interdependence of such microhabitats and their neglected inhabitants like scorpions is highlighted in this study. This information provides a baseline biological data for further demographic and ecological studies and stresses the need for impact assessment prior to undertaking developmental projects in ‘wastelands’, since

Pande S, Bastawade D, Padhye A, Pawashe A. Diversity of scorpion fauna of Saswad-Jejuri, Pune District, Maharashtra, western India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 2012;4(2):2381-9. [Free full text]

Thanks to Jacek Szubert for informing me about this paper!

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