22 March, 2012

A new troglobitic Vietbocap species described from caves in Laos

Vietnam and Laos have cave system with enigmatic scorpion fauna with cave adaptions (troglobites). Previously, two species have been described in the genus Vietbocap Lourenco & Pham, 2010 (Pseudochactidae). In a forthcoming paper Wilson Lourenco describes a new species from the Tham Nam Lot cave in Laos.

Vietbocap lao Lourenco, 2012

A new subfamily, Vietbocapinae Lourenco, 2012 is suggested to accommodate the species in the genus Vietbocap.

A new species of scorpion belonging to the family Pseudochactidae and the genus Vietbocap is described from the Tham Nam Lot cave, located in the Laotian part of the Khammouan-Ke Bang karst in Southeast Asia. Like the previously described species of the genus, Vietbocap lao sp. n. is a true troglobiont, but presents an even greater degree of adaptation to cave life, with a total lack of pigmentation and a very weak sclerotization of the tegument. This is the third troglobitic element known for the family Pseudochactidae. It represents the fifth known species of pseudochactid, four of which are from the Khammouan-Ke Bang karst system. Taking into account some marked differences between Vietbocap and the other two pseudochactid genera, a new subfamily, Vietbocapinae subfam. n., is proposed to accommodate this genus.

Wilson R L. The genus Vietbocap Lourenço & Pham, 2010 (Scorpiones: Pseudochactidae); proposition of a new subfamily and description of a new species from Laos. Comptes Rendus Biologies. 2012. 335:232-237. [Subscription required for full text]

Thanks to professor Lourenco for informing me about this paper!

Family Pseudochactidae

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