21 September, 2010

A new Compsobuthus from UAE

Wilson Lourenco and co-workers have looked into some of the Compsobuthus species from the Middle East and have described a new species from United Arab Emirates:

Compsobuthus birulai Lourenco, Leguin & Duhem, 2010 (Buthidae)

A better description is presented for Compsobuthus acutecarinatus (Simon, 1882) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin, 1900). The distribution of C. acutecarinatus is confined to Yemen and parts of Oman and previous reported findings from Africa are probably misidentifications. Compsobuthus maindroni is limited to Oman and parts om UAE. Previous proposed distribution on East Africa is probably based on misidentifications.

Two species of the genus Compsobuthus Vachon, 1949, C. acutecarinatus (Simon) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin), have been the subject of several publications in the last three decades. Nevertheless, same doubts remain about their precise identity and range of geographic distribution. We give here precise re-diagnoses in the light of the type material now clearly identified. The holotype at C. acutecarinatus is properly illustrated and measured. A lectotype is designated for C. maindroni, from the large syntype series. A new species of Compsobuthus is also described from United Arab Emirates.

Lourenço WR, Leguin EA, Duhem B. Notes on the type material of Compsobuthus acutecarinatus (Simon, 1882) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin, 1900), and description of a new species from United Arab Emirates. Zoology in the Middle East. 2010;50:119-26.

Family Buthidae

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