15 September, 2010

Contribution to the knowledge of Tityus obturus from Puerto Rico

Rolando Teruel and Alejandro Sanchez have published a paper where they present important information on the taxonomy of Tityus obturus (Karsch, 1879) (Buthidae), an endemic scorpion from Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, I do not read Spanish so this message is based on the English abstract.

In the present paper, important information on the taxonomy, morphological variability, eoology and geographical distribution of Tityus obtusus (Karsch, 1879) is presented. This scorpion is defines as endemic from, and widely distributed in Puerto Rico, including Vieques Island (first record). Furthermore, some aspects of the systematics of this species are briefly discussed.

Teruel R, Sanchez AJ. Contribucion al conocimiento de Centruroides obtusus (Karsch 1879), escorpion endemico de Puerto Rico (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Boletin de la SEA. 2010(46):467-73.

Family Buthidae

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