28 May, 2010

Scorpions of Bahia State, Brazil

Tiago Porto and co-workers have written a review on the scorpion fauna in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil.

We report herein an updated and commented list of scorpions occurring in state of Bahia, northeastern Brazil. Data comprising a period of 100 years (1908-2008) were obtained from seven major Brazilian collections. Twenty eight species were identified and grouped in seven genera (Bothriurus Peters, 1861, Ananteris Thorell, 1891, Isometrus Ehrenberg, 1828, Physoctonus Mello-Leitão, 1934, Rhopalurus Thorell, 1876, Tityus C.L.Koch, 1836 and Troglorhopalurus Lourenço, Baptista and Giupponi, 2004) and two families (Bothriuridae Simon, 1880 and Buthidae C.L. Koch, 1837). This new list increases in 50 % the known scorpiofauna of Bahia, which now represents approximately 22 % of the Brazilian species, recorded in all biomes and phytophysiognomies from the coastal zone to high altitude areas (3-1,268 m). Seven species are endemic to Bahia and three of them could be included in the Brazilian National Red List, which would promote action plans towards their conservation.

Porto TJ, Brazil TK, Lira-da-Silva M. Scorpions, state of Bahia, northeastern Brazil. Check List. 2010;6(2):292-7. [Free fulltext]

Thanks to Tiago Porto for sending me this paper!

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