19 May, 2010

A new Euscorpiops from China

Zhi-Young Di and co-workers have recently published yet another new species from China:

Euscorpiops puerensis Di, Wu, Cao, Xiao & Li, 2010 (Euscorpiidae)

The paper also lists all reported Euscorpiops from China and their distribution. An identification key for the genus' species in China is also presented.

A catalogue of Chinese species of the genus Euscorpiops Vachon, 1980 is provided. There are 10 species in total, none of them was recorded from China in “Catalog of the Scorpions of the World” (Fet et al., 2000). A new species, E. puerensis sp. nov. from southern Yunnan is described and illustrated. E. puerensis sp. nov. is characterized by having 18 external trichobothria (5 eb, 2 esb, 2 em, 4 est, 5 et), and 10 or 11 ventral trichobothria in the pedipalp patella; chela with a length/width ratio average of 2.7 on males and females; pedipalp chela fingers on adult females and males scalloped; pectinal teeth count 7–8; pectinal fulcra present.

Di Z-Y, Wu Y-L, Cao Z-J, Xiao H, Li W-X. A catalogue of the genus Euscorpiops Vachon, 1980 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae, Scorpiopinae) from China, with description of a new species. Zootaxa. 2010(2477):49-61. [Free fultext]

Thanks to Zhi-Young Di for sending me the paper!

Family Euscorpiidae

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