02 March, 2010

Scorpions of Saudi Arabia - Updated list

If you are interested in the scorpion fauna of The Middle East, Hisham El-Hennawy has recently published an updated list of species found in Saudi Arabia and their distribution. The paper has also an identification guide for the species in the area.

This paper presents an updated list of scorpions recorded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the distribution localities of the species, and simplified identification keys to families and genera. The list includes 23 species and 3 subspecies that belong to 3 families: 18 species of 10 buthid genera, 1 hemiscorpiid species, and 4 species and 3 subspecies of 3 scorpionid genera.

El-Hennawy HK. Scorpions of Saudi Arabia (List of species, their distribution, and identification key). Serket. 2009;11(3-4):119-28.

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