17 March, 2010

Black Bears in Mexico eat scorpions

Carlos Lopez-Gonzalez and co-workers reports that investigations of Mexican Black Bear scats (yes, that's bear pooh ;) show that some bears eat scorpions. The scorpion remains that were found belong to Diplocentrus peloncillensis (Scorpionidae).

In addition, this is the first record of in Diplocentrus peloncillensis in Mexico.

The remains of the scorpion Diplocentrus peloncillensis Francke were found in 7 scats of black bears (Ursus americanus) collected in the Sierra de San Luis, Sonora, Mexico. The collection data and previously reported black bear population estimates for the study area suggested that, although scorpions are not a large part of black bear diets in Sonora, feeding on scorpions is not restricted to a single individual or family unit and is apparently a relatively common behavior in the population. Also, the discovery of D. peloncillensis in Sonora represents a new country record.

Lopez-Gonzalez CA, Jones RW, Silva-Hurtado C, Sayago-Vazquez IA. Scorpions are food item of American black bears in Sonora, Mexico. West North Am Naturalist. 2009;69(1):131-3.

Thanks to Oscar Francke for sending me this paper!

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