20 January, 2010

A new Oiclus species from Lesser Antilles

Rolando Teruel & Leonard Chazal have recently described a new species of Oiclus (Scorpionidae) from a dry costal forest in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles:

Oiclus nanus Teruel & Chazal, 2010

A new species of Oiclus Simon, 1880 is described from Guadeloupe in Lesser Antilles. It is closely related to Oiclus purvesii s. s. (Becker, 1880), and represents the first record of this genus from mainland Guadeloupe. The previous record of O. purvesii s. s. from Terre-de-Haut (Les Saintes, a small islet offshore Basse-Terre) is regarded as dubious, as it possibly refers to the new taxon herein described. Also, some topics on the taxonomy and distribution of this genus are briefly discussed.

Teruel R, Chazal L. A new species of the genus Oiclus Simon, 1880 (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae: Diplocentrinae) from Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles. Euscorpius. 2010(92):1-9. [Free fulltext]

Family Scorpionidae

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