26 January, 2010

New data on Western African Compsobuthus

Compsobuthus berlandi. Photo Wilson Lourenco (C)

Wilson Lourenco has recently published a paper about the Compsobuthus of Western Africa. Compsobuthus berlandi Vachon, 1950 is redescribed and the male of Compsobuthus simoni Lourenco, 1999 is described for the first time.

Three species of Compsobuthus, C. berlandi Vachon, 1950, C. williamsi Lourenço, 1999 and C. simoni Lourenço, 1999 are confirmed for Western Africa*. In the present note, C. berlandi is redescribed based on the type material now clearly identified, and some new specimens collected in Mauritania. This species is confirmed as endemic to Mauritania. Two new specimens of C. simoni, a species previously known only from Niger, are also recorded from Togo and its male is described for the first time.

Lourenco WR. Further considerations on the species of Compsobuthus vachon, 1949 from Western Africa (Scorpiones, Buthidae). Entomol Mitt Zool Mus Hamburg. 2009;15:65-73.

Thanks to professor Lourenco for sending me the article and the picture!

Family Buthidae

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