14 December, 2009

A new Heteroscorpion from Madagascar

Lourenco and Goodman have recently described a new species in the genus Heteroscorpion (Hemiscorpiidae*) from Madagascar:

Heteroscorpion kaii Lourenco & Goodman, 2009

* There is still a disagreement among researchers on the higher taxonomy of scorpions, and the authors of this paper have chosen to use the family Heteroscorpionidae, that by other authors have been included in Hemiscorpiidae.

The endemic Malagasy genus Heteroscorpion Birula 1903 of the family Heteroscorpionidae was monotypic for a century with H. opisthacanthoides (Kraepelin, 1896) as the type species. Extensive field surveys conducted over the last 15 years in the different bioclimatic regions of Madagascar have resulted in the collection of numerous specimens belonging to the genus Heteroscorpion. These collections led to the description of four new species (see details in Lourenço & Goodman, 2006). In this paper, an additional new species to science is named from the extreme southeastern portion of the island and is presumed to be a local endemic. The number of species in the genus Heteroscorpion is now six, and its distribution covers numerous zones of the island, including humid and dry forests. Aspects of the biotope of the area from where the new species was collected is also discussed

Lourenco WR, Goodman SM. Description of a new speices of Heteroscorpion Birula, 1903 (Scorpiones, Heteroscorpionidae) from "Grande Avasoa" in extreme southern Madagascar. Entomol Mitt Zool Mus Hamburg. 2009;15(181):115-25.

Family Hemiscorpiidae

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