23 December, 2009

A new Hadruroides from Peru

Ochoa & Chaparro described a new species of Hadruroides (Caraboctonidae) in 2008 (but I didn't learn about this paper until now):

Hadruroidews bustamantei Ochoa & Chaparro, 2008

Hadruroides bustamantei, a new caraboctonid species from inter Andean valleys of central Peru (2600—3289 m) is described. This species is most related to H. mauryi Francke & Soleglad, with which was confused. The new species differs from H. mauryi, by length/width ratio of the male chela and the pigmentation pattern of the tergites, legs and metasomal segments. With

Ochoa JA, Chaparro JC. A new scorpion species of the genus Hadruroides (Scorpiones: Caraboctoninae) from inter Andean valleys of Peru. Rev Peru Biol. 2008;15(1):5-10. [Free fultext]

Thanks to Gerard Dupre for always helping me to keep The Scorpion Files updated!!

Family Caraboctonidae

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