24 August, 2009

Scorpion fauna of Venezuela: Four new Tityus species

The works of the late Manuel Gonzalez Sponga continues to increase the knowledge of the scorpion fauna of Venezuela. Four new species of Tityus (Buthidae) are described in a recent paper:

Tityus acananensis Gonzalez Sponga, 2009
Tityus maniapurensis Gonzalez Sponga, 2009
Tityus ventuarensis Gonzalez Sponga, 2009
Tityus yerenai Gonzalez Sponga, 2009

Four new species of Venezuelan scorpions are described: Tityus acananensis, Tityus maniapurensis, Tityus ventuarensis & Tityus yerenai. The inhabit in localities situated in the Bolivar and Amazonas States in variable altitudes between 100 and 500 meters. Drawings of significant morphological characters are presented to diagnostic species, those were determinated by the author using a stereoscope; this same quipment were used to take morphometrics characters. Typical localities are signaled on a map.

Gonzalez Sponga MA. Biodiversidad en Venezuela. Aracnidos. Descripcion de cuatro nuevas especies del genero Tityus Koch, 1836 (Escorpiones: Buthidae) de los estados Bolivar y Amazonas. Rev Invest (Guadalajara). 2009; (66):227-55.

Family Buthidae

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