19 August, 2009

A new paper on Rhopalurus abudi from Hispaniola

Lorenzo Prendini and co-workers have recently published a paper on Rhopalurus abudi (Buthidae). The species is redescribed and the male is described for the first time. The authors also report the species form mainland Hispaniola for the first time.

Rhopalurus abudi Armas & Marcano Fondeur 1987 was originally described on the basis of a single female specimen from Isla Saona, La Romana Province, off the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The species is redescribed here based on a series of new specimens including 19 adult males and 14 adult females collected at two nearby localities on the eastern side of Parque Nacional del Este, La Altagracia Province, southeastern Dominican Republic. These specimens represent the first records of R. abudi on mainland Hispaniola and the first male specimens of the species to be collected.

Prendini L, Esposito LA, Huff JC, Volschenk ES. Redescription of Rhopalurus abudi (Scorpiones, Buthidae), with first description of the male and first record from mainland Hispaniola. Journal of Arachnology. 2009;37 (2):206-24. [Subscription required for fulltext, but free fulltext after one year]

Family Buthidae

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