20 October, 2008

Life history data on Chaerilus philippinus

Chaerilus is the only genus in the family Chaerilidae and has now 24 species, all distributed in southern and southeastern Asia. Very little is known about the biology and life history of this genus., but Lourenco & Ythier (2008) has recently published a paper with observations on the life history of Chaerilus philippinus. Here is the abstract from the paper:

Biological observations on Chaerilus philippinus were based on specimens from the region of Appari, North of Luzon in the Philippines. The total duration of embryonic development was estimated as being between 110 to 136 days, while the moults between successive juvenile instars and adulthood took place at ages that averaged 7, 39, 73, 190 and 327 days. These developmental periods are shorter and different from those previously observed among species of non-buthid scorpions. They prove to be rather similar to those observed in buthid scorpions, however. Morphometric growth values of the different instars are similar or smaller than those of other species of scorpions that have been studied. Aspects of maternal care and social behaviour are also commented.

Lourenço WR, Ythier E, Cloudsley-Thompson JL. Observations on the life history of Chaerilus philippinus Lourenço & Ythier, 2008 (Scorpiones, Chaerilidae) from the Philippines. Comptes Rendus Biologies. 2008;331(11):896-900. [Subscritpion required for fulltext]

Family Chaerilidae

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