27 September, 2008

New german scorpion book for the hobbyist

I got a nice book in the mail last week: "Skorpione im Terrarium" by Martin Watz. As the name suggest, this is a book for the hobbist and other non-professionals that wants to learn more about scorpions.

The book has a part about scorpions in nature, but the focus is on how to keep scorpions in captivity. All families are presented and selected species have individual presentations. Because my knowledge in the german language is not as good as it should be (I did have german in high school/college), I can not give a detailed review on the text. But as far as I can tell, it looks good.

Finally, I have to mentioned the great color pictures in the book, which are of high quality.

The book is available at Amazon.de.

Watz, Martin (2008). Skorpione im Terrarium. Ulmer: Eugen. 125 pp. ISBN 380015658X /978-3800156580.

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