08 February, 2008

The Scorpion Files' newsblog

The purpose of this blog is to present important news and updates in The Scorpion Files. The advantage of using a blog is the interested users can get a RSS feed from the blog and automatically be updated when the blog is being updated.


Valerio Vignoli said...

Ciao Jan!

Very nice idea! I'll keep you informed on my future publications and I'm sure I'll check this blog often.

Valerio Vignoli

L.K. Ross said...

Greetz Jan,

GREAT idea and one that is long overdue. I look forward to the evolution of the SFNB and future content.


Jan Ove Rein (editor) said...

Hi Guys!
We are experimenting with blogs and RSS feeds for library services, and I thought I would try this for The Scorpion Files as many have asked to be notified about updates (and i have not time to follow up on everyone personally). I'm glad you like the idea!!

Jan Ove