17 February, 2008

Four new species in Chactas (Chactidae) from Venezuela

Gonzales-Sponga & Wall-Gonzalez has recently described the following new species in the genus Chactas (Chactidae) from Venezuela:

Chactas chabasquensis (name corrected 22.02.08)
Chactas maimirensis

Chactas platillonensis
Chactas tumaquensis (name corrected 22.02.08)

The new species live in the states Portoguesa, Yaracuy, Guarico and Lara in altitudes between 500 and 1200 meters.

Gonzales-Sponga MA, Wall-Gonzalez VM. Biodiversidad en Venezuela. Arácnidos. Descripción de cuatro nuevas especies del género Chactas, (escorpiones: chactidae) de la región centro occidental. Rev Invest. 2007(61):35-65.

Family Chactidae

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Editor: Jan Ove Rein said...

C. chabasquensis was misspelled in the paper's abstract, while the error for C. tumaquensis was mine. Thanks to Dr. Rojas-Runjaic for informing me about the errors!