07 February, 2020

A new species of Ananteris from Panama

Roberto Miranda and Luis de Armas have recently published a new species of Ananteris Thorell, 1891 (Buthidae) from Panama.

Ananteris canalera Miranda & Armas, 2020

A new buthid species belonging to the genus Ananteris Thorell, 1891 is herein described from Panama Oeste Province, Panama. This is the second Ananteris species known from this Central American country and clearly differs from Ananteris platnicki Lourenço, 1993, distributed in Costa Rica and Panama, by its smaller size and male having a different hemispermatophore and telson similar to that of the female.

Miranda RJ, de Armas LF. A new species of Ananteris (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Panama. Euscorpius. 2020(297):1-7. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae

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