22 July, 2019

A new species of Hottentotta from Western Ghats, India

Zeeshan Mirza and co-workers recently described a new species of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 (Buthidae) from the Western Ghats, India.

Hottentotta vinchu Mirza, Ambekar & Kulkarni, 2019

The article also has a identification key for the Indian species in the genus Hottentotta.

A new species, Hottentotta vinchu sp. n., is described from the Western Ghats of India. The new species morphologically resembles to Hottentotta rugiscutis (Pocock, 1897) from which it differs in having metasomal segment II wider than long in both sexes. The new species, however, is sister to Hottentotta pachyurus (Pocock, 1897) based on cytochrome oxidase I gene from which it differs in an uncorrected sequence divergence of 7%.

Mirza Z, Ambekar M, Kulkarni NU. A new species of scorpion of the genus Hottentotta Birula, 1908 from the Western Ghats, India (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Arachnida - Rivista Aracnologica Italiana. 2019;5(12):2-16.

Family Buthidae

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