03 August, 2018

A new species in the genus Alloscorpiops from Myanmar (Burma)

Wilson R. Lourenço and Ondřej Košulič recently published a new article describing a new species of the genus Alloscorpiops Vachon, 1980 (Euscorpiidae) from the northern part of central Myanmar (Burma).

Alloscorpiops viktoriae Lourenço & Košulic, 2018

The article also has information about the habitat for the new species and the distribution and the biogeography of the genus Alloscorpiops.

Among the genera of the family Scorpiopidae Kraepelin, 1905 Alloscorpiops remains yet rather discrete. New species were added to this genus only recently, increasing its number from two to six. Therefore, species of Alloscorpiops can be considered rare and uncommonly collected. One particular new species, Alloscorpiops viktoriae sp. n., is described based on two females and one pre-adult male collected from the northern part of central Myanmar (Burma). The new species presents most features exhibited by scorpions of the genus Alloscorpiops, but it is characterised by a moderate to small size, very strongly marked granulation, and a particular trichobothrial pattern. Aspects of the ecology and distribution of the new species are discussed and compared with those of other species of genus Alloscorpiops.

Lourenco WR, Kosulic O. A new remarkable species of Alloscorpiops Vachon, 1980 from Myanmar (Burma) (Scorpiones, Scorpiopidae). Zookeys. 2018(775):47-58. [Open Access]

Family Euscorpiidae

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