21 February, 2017

A new Hottentotta species from India

Kuruppalath Aswathi and co-workers have recently described a new species of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 (Buthidae) from the Kerala region in India.

Hottentotta keralaensis Aswhati, Sureshan & Lourenço, 2016

A new species of scorpion, Hottentotta keralaensis sp. n. is described. The type material was collected in a Thorn Scrub forest, a part of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The description of the new species raised the total number of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 species into two in the Kerala state, South of India.

Aswhati K, Sureshan PM, Lourenço WR. One more new species of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from the State of Kerala in South of India. Aracnida - Rivista Arachnologica Italiana. 2016;2(10):34-44.

Thanks to Kuruppalath Aswathi for sending me their paper!

Family Buthidae

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