07 October, 2016

Dear Authors: Please send me your articles!

The editior reading Lorenzo Prendini's latest paper on Pandinoides and Pandinus senso lata for a blog post in the near future.

Dear authors and scorpion scientists!

I'm working hard to keep the taxonomic lists on The Scorpion Files updated. This is possible thanks to a lot of scorpion friends and authors who either send me their papers or inform me about recently published works. In addition, I have several alerts from major databases that keep me updated.

But I still need help from you as I'm not able to track everything, and more important, I do not have access to the full text of all journals (even though I can get a lot as I work in an academic library). In the last year, several taxonomic articles have been published in journals that are impossible for me to get articles from. I these cases, I need help from the authors to send me the pdf files so that the taxonimical changes published can be included in The Scorpion Files and the article blogged here.

I have a policy to read all articles before I blog about them, and I also need them to get all the taxonomical conclusions. Not getting articles from small "hard to get" journals will cause The Scorpion Files to be not updated. And this is not good for the authors or the scorpion community. Authors want their papers read and the results known, and a good way to obtain this is to me mentioned in The Scorpion Files News Blog.

Articles or information about new articles, books and other scorpion publications can be sent to jan.rein@ub.ntnu.no.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

Jan Ove Rein

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