27 July, 2016

A new species of Buthus from Sudan

Andrea Rossi and Gioele Tropea have recently published a new species of Buthus Leach, 1815 (Buthidae) from the coast of the Red Sea in Sudan.

Buthus duprei Rossi & Tropea, 2016

The presence of the genus Buthus Leach, 1815 in Sudan was recently discussed and two species were reported from the country, Buthus karoraensis Rossi et Tropea, 2016 and Buthus brignolii Lourenco, 2003. Now a third species, Buthus duprei sp. n., is described from the coast of the Red sea.

Rossi A, Tropea G. A complementary study on the genus Buthus Leach, 1815 in Sudan with the description of a new species (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Aracnida - Rivista Arachnologica Italiana. 2016;8(2):24-31.

Thanks to Andrea Rossi for sending me this article!

Family Buthidae

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