24 May, 2016

Ecology and biogeography of the Romanian scorpion Euscorpius carpathicus

Unlike scorpions from warmer areas, the species in the genus Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Euscorpiidae)  have to be dapted to a climate ranging from dry, hot summers to cold, snowy winters. In a recently published article, Iulian Gherghel and co-workers provide an updated overview on the distribution of Euscorpius  carpathicus (Linnaeus, 1767) and a map of of the climatically suitable areas for the species using occurrence and climatic data. In addition, the overwintering behavioral ecology of the species is discussed.

We present a first analysis of the ecology and potential distribution of Euscorpius carpathicus (Linnaeus, 1767), a scorpion species endemic to southern Romania, and report on the overwintering habitat selection of this species. Using field data, literature review, species distribution modelling, and habitat selection models, we document the broad scale distribution and ecology of E. carpathicus, as well as habitat selection in the foothills of the Curvature Carpathians, including exclusive microhabitat selection of riverine clay banks. In contrast with other species of the genus that inhabit cracks in cliffs or walls, E. carpathicus has adapted to cracks in clay.

Gherghel I, Sotek A, Papes M, Strugariu A, Fusu L. Ecology and biogeography of the endemic scorpion Euscorpius carpathicus (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae): a multiscale analysis. Journal of Arachnology. 2016;44(1):88-91. [Subscription required for full text]

Family Euscorpiidae

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