26 April, 2016

A new species of Pseudouroctonus from northern California, USA

Warren E. Savary and Robert W. Bryson Jr have recently published a new species of Pseudouroctonus Stahnke, 1974 (Vaejovidae) from northern California.

Pseudouroctonus maidu Savary & Bryson Jr, 2016

A new species of vaejovid scorpion from northern California, Pseudouroctonus maidu sp. n., is named and described. This new species appears to be most similar to Pseudouroctonus iviei (Gertsch & Soleglad, 1972) and Pseudouroctonus glimmei (Hjelle, 1972).

Savary WE, Bryson Jr RW. Pseudouroctonus maidu, a new species of scorpion from northern California (Scorpiones, Vaejovidae). ZooKeys. 2016 (584):49-59. [Open Access]

Family Vaejovidae

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